2015 Statistical Leaders

All stats updated through the 2015 season.

If you see any glaring errors, please email msmith@delcotimes.com

Rushing Player Carries Yards TDs
Bruce (UD) 338 2,450 34
Wesley (AP) 274 1,629 19
Trammell-Wells (DC) 127 1,486 16
Young (RID) 246 1,333 14
Ruley (PW) 177 1,285 13
Horvath (RAD) 217 1,273 17
Kester (SV) 232 1,256 10
West (GV) 207 1,083 19
Dorsey (DC) 178 1,035 19
Thomas (INT) 198 981 10
Twyman (HS) 137 896 14
Miller (CHI) 146 894 11
Barlee (EA) 184 838 16
Smith (AC) 142 757 2
Collins (AP) 99 745 11
 Hummel (INT) 84 733 7
Passing Player Comp-Att-INT Yards TDs            Rating 
Donaghy (HAV) 178-278-8 2,706 33              179.21
Toal (HAVS) 120-177-4 1,627 18              174.05
Moors (AP) 52-106-3 928 10               148.06
Stratton (RID) 95-156-9 1,413 10               146.59
McDermott (RAD) 89-156-11 1,387 12                 143.02
DiChiacchio (SPR) 59-110-5 808 12                 142.25
Minott (UD) 84-179-10 1,688 13                138.93
Paoletti (MN) 131-253-10 1,888 15                126.12
Lindsey-Terrell (PW) 139-243-21 1,751 10                114.02
Hamby (GV) 47-105-5 735 5                109.75
Mea (INT) 55-114-3  730  4             108.35
Bowens (CHI) 47-103-9 698 6              104.30
Receiving Player Rec. Yards TDs
Hoff (MN) 72 1,119 10
Aitken (HAVS) 44 856 11
Morton (UD) 34 830 8
McClure (HAV) 41 708 10
Trainor (HAV) 37 661 6
Wilson (RAD) 30 556 5
Postell (HAVS) 25 517 5
Weathers (MN) 42 514 5
Bowens (PW) 39 486 2
Long (SPR) 26 477 6
Gibbons (RID) 22 478 3
Corbett (HAV) 34 472 7
Collins (AP) 22 451 7
Buttermore (GV) 25 438 3
Flood (CHE) 21 401 2
Defense Player Interceptions
Buchanan (AP) 9
Allen (DC) 7
McKenzie (UD) 7
Wright (AP) 6
Baker (EA) 6
Douglas (BP) 5
J. Farrell (HAV) 5
Sims (HAVS) 5
Euburah (COH) 4
Aitken (HAVS) 4
Lindsey-Terrell (PW) 4
Johnson (SPR) 4





17 thoughts on “2015 Statistical Leaders

  1. Carter’s stats for HS are for 2 and a half games…Kid was on pace for about 3,000 yards and 35 TDs through the air which would have broke Delco single season record and the Haverford School career record…Obviously would have been a tough pace to maintain. but he looked unstoppable in first 3 games…Hopefully a school takes a chance on him and he has a healthy successful college career

    • Please read the top of the page: Rushing stats only are updated through last week. Passing, receiving and interceptions will be updated soon.

      Also, please email me stat corrections next time. Do not leave a comment on the page.

    • It’s really not a shame. It’s impossible to track tackles (most of which are gang tackles) when you’re a one-man crew. This is why we recognize defensive players in other ways.

    • No. What kind of hurts the whole process is All-Central League doesn’t pick until after Thanksgiving, so we hope to have All-Delco First Team decided by next Sunday/Monday at the latest.

      • Thanks. What is the process? Do you guys just check out the All-Central, All Inter-Ac, etc. and use them as a guideline, and make your decision based partly on who the coaches picked for those teams, and partly on your observations?

      • Combination of everything. We consult with coaches. Coaches nominate players and we go from there.

      • Thanks a lot, Matt. Just one more question about the process, however. Do you guys give more weight and more credit to players on your top teams in the county (Haverford School and Academy Park) than you would to players on unranked teams in the county? In other words, does an individual player on a team get more credit for being on a good team? Or is everyone judged on an individual basis (because I think it may be a tad unfair to judge based on average, because the average player on Haverford School or Academy Park compared to their teammates, is still likely better than the average player on an unranked team)? I don’t want to knock the process because I know how hard you and your colleagues work all year round evaluating players and evaluating teams, I was just trying to understand the process, and give my two cents on the fairness of the selection process.

      • It’s individual based.

        For example, two Radnor kids were picked First Team All-Delco last year and that team won three games. This year there is at least one All-Delco player from a losing team (and there might be a couple more).

        But, by and large, All-Delco players are found on the best teams. And those teams (Haverford School, AP, Haverford, UD) have several All-Delco favorites this year, no question, based on merit.

        The average player on AP or Haverford School will not receive any preferential treatment just because they were average players on great teams. If I understood your second question correctly.

      • Thanks a lot Matt. Good luck with the process. I know you’re going to receive comments from some angry parents, fans and players, but they don’t know how hard you and everyone else works on these lists. Just know that for every 1 person who feels the need to speak up and talk bad about the list, there are 20 or so people who agree with most, if not all, of the selections.

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